Floor Coverings International is the one-stop shop for commercial flooring in the greater Cedar Falls and Waterloo areas. Some common types of commercial flooring include vinyl, tile, laminate, carpet, and stone flooring. All of these flooring types can be exceptionally durable, cost-effective, and easily customizable, which are all important things to consider when shopping for flooring for a commercial space.

Our flooring specialists have extensive experience in the products and installation of all types of flooring, including those that are used for commercial spaces. A small selection of spaces that typically need our commercial flooring services include hotels, schools, medical clinics, and retail stores.


Advantages & Disadvantages

The main benefits of commercial flooring are its durability, versatility, and the many eco-friendly flooring options available. All of our commercial flooring options are very tough and able to withstand even the heaviest foot traffic. Also, we have access to a wide variety of colors, types, and styles of all our commercial flooring options, so you’re sure to find something that will complement your commercial space’s décor. Some of our commercial flooring products – such as vinyl, linoleum, and cork – are also earth-friendly, so you don’t have to worry about your environmental impact while choosing your commercial flooring.

However, there are certain things to consider when shopping for commercial flooring. First, you want to evaluate how much moisture and humidity your floors will be exposed to. If you don’t choose commercial flooring that is resistant to water, it will become damaged much faster. You should also select commercial flooring that is slip-resistant, to avoid any accidents with your guests and/or customers.

Because we have partnerships with leading manufacturers, we are able to offer our customers top brands and the best quality products at budget-friendly prices. We have a vast selection of colors, types, and styles of commercial flooring, so you are sure to find a product that fits your project’s unique requirements.



A Note From Our Owner

“Give us a call at FCI Cedar Falls today to explore our highly durable, versatile, and diverse selection of commercial flooring products!” – Ben Davis, Owner