Floor Coverings International is your local expert on unfinished hardwood floors in the greater Cedar Falls and Waterloo areas. “Unfinished” hardwood flooring refers to the fact that this flooring type is not sanded, stained, or finished before being installed in your home or office. The floors are then sanded, finished, and stained on-site after installation.

Our flooring team is trained in all types of hardwood flooring, including how to properly handle unfinished hardwood floors. Our design associates are experienced in helping both residential and commercial customers choose the right kind of unfinished hardwood flooring for their project, as well as recommending the best stains and finishes.

Advantages & Disadvantages

Our customers have found the main advantages of unfinished hardwood flooring to be that it is customizable, easy to fix, and it has a wider product availability. Because unfinished hardwood is sanded, finished, and stained right in your home, it is easy for the installer to match your new floors with existing flooring, include special elements such as underlays, and customize the unfinished hardwood to your own style preferences. Also, if your unfinished hardwood floors are damaged, it is very easy to re-sand them. Many rarer colors, species, ands styles of hardwood flooring are only available as unfinished hardwood, so if you are looking for a hardwood that is difficult to find, unfinished hardwood is probably your best bet.

However, there are some factors to take into consideration when it comes to unfinished hardwood floors. Unfinished flooring can be more expensive than prefinished flooring. Also, if you have allergies and/or asthma, the fumes and dust released during the on-site finishing of unfinished hardwood can irritate these conditions. Also, unfinished hardwood floors can be susceptible to warping from high levels of humidity, so don’t have this flooring type installed in areas that are frequently exposed to heat and moisture.

Because we are partnered with premier manufacturers, we have access to the best brands and highest quality unfinished hardwood flooring products. Give us a call today at FCI Cedar Falls to explore our many colors, species, and styles of unfinished hardwood.



A Note From Our Owner

“Choose unfinished hardwood floors if you are looking for a product that is versatile and simple to fix, as well as being easy to infuse with your personal style.” – Ben Davis, Owner